Intercultural Competence: Multi-dynamic, Intersubjective, Critical and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Wahyudi, Ribut (2016) Intercultural Competence: Multi-dynamic, Intersubjective, Critical and Interdisciplinary Approaches. In: Intercultural Competence in Education. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 143-166. ISBN 978-1-137-58733-6 Editors : UNSPECIFIED

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In the globalizing world, the notion of intercultural competence needs to be framed within the complexity, dynamicity, criticality, instability and interdisciplinarity of human interaction. Thus, the old modernist conception of intercultural competence, which resides largely in individuals and dichotomizes collectivism and national attributes to culture, is no longer relevant. The intercultural approach that is multi-dynamic, intersubjective, critical and interdisciplinary is a lot more accommodative to daily human interaction where understanding is co-constructed and subjectivity is reconstructed. When people interact they are actively negotiating with each other and intersubjectivity takes place. People, by nature, need to interact with each other in different intercultural contexts, such as business fields, religious dialogues, academic discussions and political settings. To capture this intercultural complexity and instability, I would argue that a multi-dynamic, intersubjective, critical and interdisciplinary approach is an appropriate way to assess intercultural competence. Assessing intercultural competence in this way, gains trustworthiness through ‘crystallization’ where we can see things from a variety of shapes and substances and from different angles. To confirm my theoretical stance, I will describe my own stories through auto-ethnography and critical self-reflection. This conceptualization shows that the intercultural approach fits with the changing times and needs.

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Keywords: English Language Teaching; Intercultural Communication; Intercultural Competence; Cultural Reality; Intercultural Interaction
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