The analysis of Arabic syntactic learning improvement through interactive quizzes and imrithy memorization

Machmudah, Umi, Rosyidi, Abdul Wahab, Haris, Abd, Kasem, Hakeem and Nurcholis, Ahmad (2021) The analysis of Arabic syntactic learning improvement through interactive quizzes and imrithy memorization. Journal of Tianjin University, 54 (6). pp. 375-388. ISSN 0493-2137

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Nowadays, learning Nahwu(Arabic Syntactic) is not difficult. Apart from memorizing nadzom (syii'ir), students can also use interactive nahwumedia. Learning Nahwuis nothing but training to master the rules, because it requires media and methods that can help accelerate the students’ understanding. In accordance with the theory of "Learning Pyramid" shows that by the demonstrations students mastered 30% of knowledge and through practice students mastered 75%.This quantitative research is a correlational study that examines the correlation between Interactive Quizzes (x1) and Nadzom 'Imrithy’memorization (x2) with NahwuLearning Outcomes (y). There are 20 questions on QUINARU that are randomly selected from a total of 100 including multiple choice and true-false. These questions was tested on 15 students of the Al IshlahiyahIslamic Boarding School in Malang. The object of this research is the students of Islamic boarding school who arethe teaching candidates ofreligion material and Arabiclanguageat the elementary education.This drill and practice media directs students to do several exercises to increase their dexterity in mastering the rules.By multiple linear regression, the results show that Interactive Quizzes and 'Imrithy’Memorization have a positive effect on the learning outcomes of Nahwu. The regression coefficient values for x1and x2are 0.716 and 0.206, respectively. This shows that the higher the student retention rate, the higher the learning outcomes will be.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: Nahwu ; interactive quizzes ; drill and practice ; ‘Imrithy’ memorization
Subjects: 20 LANGUAGE, COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE > 2001 Communication and Media Studies > 200104 Media Studies
Divisions: Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Training > Department of Arabic Language Education
Depositing User: Umi Machmudah
Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2021 11:07


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