Studi komponen makna frase ulul albâb dalam wacana sufistik: Analisis semantik

Huda, Miftahul and Faizin, Nur and Ma’arif, Samsul (2016) Studi komponen makna frase ulul albâb dalam wacana sufistik: Analisis semantik. Research Report. Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang. (Unpublished)


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Ulul Albabphrases (in the after abbreviated by UA) which became a symbol of UIN campus in Malang is generally interpreted as "understanding people". Then, are there anyone mad among the academic community of this campus ?! So, UA phrase was certainly intended to refer to another meaning, not just a straightforward meaning that people have sense of it. Stephen Ullmann describes a number of views of experts who state that the meaning is moving all the time to establish itself. There are 6 factors behind the movement and changes of meaning, one of which is the historical factor.

Type of the research is library research with descriptive-qualitative method. Descriptive method is a method used to describe, illustrate, describe, and explain the phenomena of objects. The research is also qualitative, because it is a simultaneous research with the data analysis activities. The data of the research is the literatures of Sufism such as Ichya` Ulumid Din of Imam Al-Ghazali, Ar-Risalah Al-Qusyairiyah by Imam Al-Qushayri, Al-Hikam of Ibn Ataillah As-Sakandari, Madarijus Salikinof Ibn Al- Qayyim, Qûtul Qulub by Abu Talib Al-Makkias primary sources, andbooks or works on education studies and linguistics, particularly with regard to semantics approach as secondary sources.

The results showed that the components of the meaning of the phrase UA includes three components, namely common componentsof meaning, diagnostic component of meaning, and supplementary components of meaning. Components of the common meaning of the word albab (plural) lubb (singular) includes the meaning of 'reasonable', the meaning of 'heart', the meaning of 'choice', and the meaning of 'core‟. Components of distinguishing meaning of the word lubb or albâb in sufistic literature cover the meaning of 'clean' (zakiyyah) and the meaning of 'holy' (thâhirah). The meaning „tounderstand the science'. The meaning of 'to unite to Allah'. The meaning of albâb is the 'heart' which is to unite to Allah '. Components of the complement meaning of the phrase UAemerging from the second word (lubb or albâb) have be found from two concepts, namely the concept of maqâm(rangs) and concept of ahwâl (expressions).

Components of complement meaning of the phrase UAwere emerging from the second word (lubb or albab) in the literatures forming the sufistic mysticism discourse have be found from two concepts that experienced by the Sufis, the concept of maqâm and concept of ahwâl. The rangs occupied by the UAarerang of muraqabah, rang of gratitude and rang of confident, rang ofraja`, rang ofkhauf, rang of ascetic, rang ofzikr and tafakkur, and rang ofsyuhud.
The expressions commonly experienced by UA people in the sufism perspective are to take lessons from the verses of the Quran (like the meaning of UA in the holy Quran), and also trying to understand the hadith of Rasulallah Saw. Ikhlas charity with the hope of reward of Allah. Love Allah more than others. Tawakkal and submit all the certainty and the final results to Allah. Be careful in the halal and haram and happy fasting. Beat lust and syahwatnya both to wealth, women, and the throne. Be selective with the news and information coming to him. Preparing for the hereafter. Trying steadfastness in the path straight and true in any condition.

The pillars of the State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang should not only be including the meanings of zikr, thought and good deeds, but also the meanings of resignation, muqarabah, gratitude, mahabbah, sincere, zuhud, and the other components became the components of its meaning. Thus all components of its meanings should be integrated into all pillars of the campus, the teachers, employees, students, library, ma'had, language center and all elements of this Albab Ulul campus.

Item Type: Research (Research Report)
Subjects: 22 PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES > 2203 Philosophy > 220304 Epistemology
Divisions: Graduate Schools > Magister Programme > Graduate School of Arabic Language Education
Depositing User: M.HI Miftahus Sholehudin
Date Deposited: 10 Jan 2017 12:30


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