Tradisi pembacaan salawat dan madaih masyarakat Malang, Jawa Timur: Studi sosiologi sastra

Wargadinata, Wildana (2009) Tradisi pembacaan salawat dan madaih masyarakat Malang, Jawa Timur: Studi sosiologi sastra. Doctoral thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel.


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This research discusses the meaning of salawat and madaih reciting tradition in Malang community. This tradition dynamically grows not only in rural areas but also in suburb areas, and even in urban areas such as the RT (neighborhood association) and RW (administrative unit at the next-to-lowest level in city). Referring to the research problems, it aims to understand the meaning of salawat and madaih reciting tradition for Malang community and the factors that stimulate its growth.

The research uses qualitative approach as the phenomenon studied is not considered as external one, but it exists in each individual. The data collected by participatory observation or active observation, and interview. Instead of having depth interview and active observation, the data collection is also done through document analysis which is to understand several aspects related to the reciting tradition of salawat and madaih. The underlying concept of this research is phenomenological theory which is under the paradigm of social definition as a model of analysis.

From the data collected, it has been concluded that the tradition of salawat and madaih in Malang community formed several ritual activities, starting from the ceremony of the circle of life. The tradition is also for other ceremonies such as welcoming honor guess and broom, Hajj, and having new house. It is also done in routine activities, and also the praise ritual of five compulsory prayings. Other routine activities of Salawat gathering. It is also popular and commonly used in the celebration of Muhammad’s birthday and Isra’ Mi’raj.

The reciting tradition of salawat and madaih has some supporting factors that support to its growth. It has been found that the socio-religious factor and the tradition of salawat and madaih recitation in Malang community are as follows: education, tradition of the village, environment, modern Islamic boarding institution, the gathering, NU mass organization, tariqat, and culture. In elucidating the reciting tradition of salawat and madaih, Malang community has been divided into two sides: (1) The ritual and spiritual aspects (dhikrullah, shafa’ah blessing in judgment day, blessed and tawassul sadaqah, the expression of love to the Prophet, soul tranquility, the respect to the prophets, morale development, spiritual profundity, and religiousness broadening), (2) The socio-cultural aspects (friendship, togetherness, Islamic art and culture, the medium of entertainment, the tradition of the hometown)

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
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