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Journal Article

Aini, Nufal ORCID: and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Manga is our world: the use of Manga as media in teaching writing recount text. English Education: Jurnal Tadris Bahasa Inggris, 6 (2). pp. 89-107. ISSN 2580-1449

Fitriyah, Ulil (2020) Bringing students’ home and foreign culture into language classroom: unveiling Indonesian EFL teachers’ belief and practices. JEASP (Journal of English for Academic and Specific Purposes, 3 (1). pp. 20-32. ISSN 2622-2957

Hidayat, M. Yusril Risqi, Franchsicha, Errend Marchella Leonic and Rohmana, Wahyu Indah Mala (2023) The implementation of literature in extracurricular “Student Conversation Club”. BAHTERA: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra, 22 (2). pp. 232-238. ISSN 2540-8968

Huda, Miftahul ORCID: and Irham, Irham ORCID: (2023) Contesting the nativelikeness norms of productive skill assessment in the peripheral ELT practice: ELF and world englishes perspectives. MEXTESOL Journal, 47 (2). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2395-9908

Irham, Irham ORCID:, Huda, Miftahul ORCID:, Sari, Rina and Rofiq, Zainur ORCID: (2021) ELF and multilingual justice in English language teaching practices: voices from Indonesian English lecturers. Asian Englishes, 23 (2). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2331-2548 (Online)

Istiqomah, Santi, Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: and Al Aziz, Edwin Nuvianto ORCID: (2023) Difficulties and strategies of learning English reading skills in large classes: a systematic literature review. Journal of English Language Teaching and Learning (JETLe), 4 (2). pp. 70-83. ISSN 2686-665X

Ivan, Moh. Nawawi and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2021) Music and Seventh Graders’ Listening Proficiency: Does Islamic song work? Journal of English Language and Education (JELE), 6 (2). pp. 50-58. ISSN 2597-6850

Izzah, Linatul Laili and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Valency of child speech in the Youtube channel “Steve TV show”: syntactic and semantic analysis. LANGUAGE LITERACY: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Language Teaching, 7 (1). pp. 134-144. ISSN 2580-9962

Ma'arif, A. Samsul, Qonita, Nurul, Anwar, Wahyu Satria Nur, Mufidah, Intan Kharismatul and Zuhri, Muhammad Nouval Robbani (2023) The use of video as a learning medium to increase interest in learning English for students of SDN 01 Wonorejo. International Journal of Language and Teaching, 1 (1). pp. 26-36. ISSN 29868432

Mashudi, Aziz, Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: and Syaifulloh, Burhanudin (2023) Syllabus design of english club: fostering joyful extracurricular for tenth graders. JOLLT Journal of Languages and Language Teaching, 11 (2). pp. 297-307. ISSN 2338-0810 E-ISSN: 2621-1378

Musleh, Fajri and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2022) Student’s speaking problems in online learning: a systematic research review. TELL : Teaching of English Language and Literature Journal, 10 (2). pp. 99-111. ISSN 2657-2443

Mustofa, Anggi Yusuf ORCID: and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Eliminating challenges and promoting autonomy: the power of the English club for high school students. PANYONARA: Journal of English Education, 5 (2). pp. 101-116. ISSN 2686-2328

Purbasari, Prima, Iffatunnida, Iffatunnida and Rahmah, Urwatus Silvia (2021) Engaging students in online reading games: a student-centered learning perspective. Journal of English for Academic and Specific Purposes, 4 (1). pp. 165-188. ISSN 2615-4358

Rohmah, Nuzulur and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2021) The use of modified English song to improve vocabulary. ELTIN, Journal of English Language Teaching, 9 (2). pp. 121-129. ISSN Online ISSN: 2580-7684 Print ISSN: 2339-1561

Rohmah, Ula Robbithotul and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Gadgets and English vocabulary acquisition of rural preschool children in Malang. LETS: Journal of Linguistics and English Teaching Studies, 5 (1). pp. 93-106. ISSN 2715-4416

Saputri, Miftaqur Rochmah Ayu ORCID:, Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: and Rasyid, Fathor ORCID: (2022) Debate, critical thinking disposition, and self-confidence: do they contribute to speaking proficiency? Premise: Journal of English Education and Applied Linguistics, 11 (1). pp. 189-207. ISSN 2442-482x

Shoimmah, Rovita Jayaning and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2021) Orders of Signification and Elements of Mythology of Educational Quotes. Retorika: Jurnal Ilmu Bahasa, 7 (2). pp. 185-190. ISSN 2443-0668

Syamsudin, Syamsudin (2023) EFL learners’ perception through communication strategies to improve their speaking skill. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS), VII (II). pp. 776-782. ISSN 2454-6186

Takhfif, Ahmad, Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: and Rohmah, Galuh Nur ORCID: (2021) Word formation of new terms in adobe photoshop program: implication for the teaching English vocabulary. Loquen: English Studies Journal, 14 (2). pp. 102-108. ISSN 2621-1998

Usuludin, Moh. Ana ORCID: and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2021) Does self-efficacy moderate the contribution of metacognitive awareness to listening comprehension? Journal of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature Studies (JELTIS), 1 (2). pp. 173-191. ISSN 2807-422X

Wafiroh, Lu'luul and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2022) English language acquisition at Islamic boarding school: A systematic review. Journal of English Language and Pedagogy, 5 (2). pp. 111-120. ISSN 2579-8782

Wahibullah, Moh. Gholib and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2021) The effectiveness of developing students’ ability in writing English poetry through hypnotic wiritng. Kredo: Jurnal Ilmiah Bahasa dan Sastra, 5 (1). pp. 84-97. ISSN 2599-316X

Winalda, Gaizka Naufal and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Interpersonal markers of Taylor Swift and Armaya Doremi in their graduation speech. IJOLTL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), 8 (3). pp. 90-108. ISSN 2502-8278


Budianto, Langgeng (2011) English for general communication. UIN-Maliki Press, Malang. ISBN 978-602-958-3392-2 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.

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Parangu, Kaukabilla Alya, Rizkiyah, Faiqotur, Rohmana, Wahyu Indah Mala and Precisely, Febri Muji (2023) English for business. Nasya Expanding Management, Pekalongan. ISBN 9786231150219 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.

Rohmah, Galuh Nur (2021) Anthology of ELT research review (2nd edition). Mahata, Yogyakarta. ISBN 978-602-1290-55-2 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.

Book Section

Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2023) Online English language teaching in Indonesia: anthology of current practices. In: Ensaios em (ensino aprendizagem) de segunda lingua e lingua estrangeira. 978-65-80266-79-1, 1 (1). Mentes Abertas, Sao Paulo, pp. 46-56. ISBN 978-65-80266-79-1 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.


Herawati, Yayuk Widyastuti (2017) Meningkatkan kemampuan pemahaman literasi dan inferensi mahasiswa dengan menggunakan task-based activity untuk mata kuliah “listening” di Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang. Research Report. Fakultas Humaniora Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang. (Unpublished)

Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID:, Rakhmawati, Deny Efita Nur ORCID: and Al Umami, Habiba ORCID: (2023) Apakah blended learning membentuk keterampilan berpikir kritis ? kajian evaluatif mahasiswa prodi Sastra Inggris. Research Report. European Journal of Educational Research. (Submitted)

Wahya, Tiara Nadiya Itabi, Fahrizal, Alfan, Ainiyah, Vara Fauziatul and Badriyah, Ima Mutholliatil (2023) Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Berbasis Web Pada Mata Kuliah Advanced English Grammar untuk Mahasiswa Tadris Bahasa Inggris UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Project Report. Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training. (Unpublished)


Anggrisia, Nur Fitria and Bisriyah, Maslihatul (2020) Using online recount texts to improve the eighth graders’ reading comprehension. Presented at International Conference on Quran and Hadith Studies Information Technology and Media in Conjunction with the 1st International Conference on Islam, Science and Technology, ICONQUHAS & ICONIST, 2-4 october 2018, Bandung, Indonesia.

Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: and Kasih, Lestari (2023) The critical inquiry of Indonesian beginner linguistic researchers: a longitudinal study. Presented at The 20th AsiaTEFL-68th TEFLIN-5th iNELTAL Conference (ASIATEFL 2022), 5 Aug 2022, Malang, Indonesia.

Khusniyah, Thoyyibatul and Indah, Rohmani Nur ORCID: (2020) Implementing effective language functions to create EFL interactive learning atmosphere. Presented at he 7th International Conference on English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Literature (ELITE), 7-9 September 2019, Pascasarjana UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang.

Rohmana, Wahyu Indah Mala and Amalia, Kharisma Rizki (2022) Exploring the use of narrative text in teaching reading comprehension in EFL classroom. Presented at International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIED) 2022, 17 Oct 2022, Malang.

Siqoyah, Surotun and Latifah, Nur (2021) Javanese phonological interference in English pronunciation of English Literature department students. Presented at The 3rd AICOLLIM (Annual International Conference on Language, Literature, and Media), 15-16 September 2021, Malang.

Seminar and Workshop

Wiranegara, Dian Arsitades, Ramli, Moh. and Wahyudi, Asis (2018) Educational psychology: perkembangan peserta didik. Presented at Exploring Young Learners for English Classroom, 15 December 2018, Tuban, East Java. (Unpublished)

Hak Cipta

Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Direktur Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual (2022) Introduction to Basic English Grammar. EC00202269243.

Ima Mutholiatil Badriyah, M. Pd, Tiara Nadiya Itabi Wahya dkk (2023) Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Berbasis Web Pada Mata Kuliah Advanced English Grammar untuk Mahasiswa Tadris Bahasa Inggris UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. 000528319.

Rohmani Nur Indah, Deny Efita Nur Rakhmanwati, dkk (2023) Does blended learning reshape students' critical thinking skills? an evaluative study of English literature students (sertifikat hak cipta). 000546828.

Alfi Nur Nadiva Soetam Rizky et al. (2023) Efektivitas aplikasi Discord terhadap kemampuan listening mahasiswa Tadris Bahasa Inggris (laporan penelitian dan sertifikat hak cipta). 000529669.

Ula Robbithotul Rohmah, Rohmani Nur Indah (2023) Gadget and English Vocabulary Acquisition in Rural Preschool Children in Malang (sertifikat hak cipta). 000594774.

Wahyu Indah Mala Rohmana, Shofia Kamal, Afdhirotul Isna Amala (2023) The integration of religious moderation in EFL classroom in Islamic Junior High School (sertifikat hak cipta). 000530958.

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