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Abduh, Miftachul Afif and Mustaufir, Mustaufir and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Arabic language production: challenges for Indonesian adult and children learners. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.

Agustini, Agustini and Afiah, Lisnu and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Slips of tongue in Net TV Talkshow. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.

Al Umami, Habiba and Furaida, Asni and Ishlahiyah, Mazroatul (2020) Linguistic inquiries of unjust sentence of victim’s rape: a defense from media. Presented at 2nd International Conference on Quran and Hadith Studies Information Technology and Media in Conjunction with the 1st International Conference on Islam, Science and Technology, ICONQUHAS & ICONIST, 2-4 Oct 2018, Bandung, Indonesia.

Aliyah, Varda Himmatul and Nashiba, Sheila and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Phonological acquisition of first language in a child with speech difficulty. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.

Ana, Ghina Hilmah and Chotimah, Dien Nur (2020) Searle’s speech act in Hamdan bin Muhammad’s Tweets on Twitter. Presented at ICONQUHAS & ICONIST, October, 2-4, 2018, Bandung, Indonesia.

Arifa, Zakiyah and Al Faruq, Umar (2021) Mapping the research theme and method: a corpus based to abstract of Arabic Education Undergraduate Program. Arabiyatuna : Jurnal Bahasa Arab, 5 (1). pp. 81-94. ISSN P-ISSN: 2580-5045, E-ISSN: 2580-5053

Arifa, Zakiyah and Al Faruq, Umar (2020) Orientasi dan trend riset prodi PBA UIN Malang tahun 2015-2019: analisis korpus linguistik. 000219983.

Asad, Saira and Noor, Siti Noor Fazelah Binti Mohd and Indah, Rohmani Nur and Jaes, Lutfan Bin (2021) Attitude realization in news reports: an interpretation through an appraisal analysis. Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 11 (1). pp. 177-186. ISSN 2502-6747


Baili, Baili and Muthiah, Muthiah and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Communication disorder of schizophrenics in psycholinguistics and religious perspective. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.


Handayani, Lilik Tri and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2022) Denotation and connotation in beauty advertisement: implication for the teaching of semantics. Wanastra: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra, 14 (1). pp. 50-56. ISSN 2579-3438

Hasaniyah, Nur (2021) Memaknai social distancing secara sosiolinguistik. In: Dialektika Dosen Indonesia Dalam Menyikapi Covid-19 : Kajian Komunikasi, Psikologi, Pendidikan, Agama/ Dakwah, Dan Linguistik. Penerbit Adab, Indramayu, pp. 105-120. ISBN 978-623-6233-78-8 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.

Hidayatullah, Achmad Diny (2021) NU dan pendidikan pesantren di era society 5.0. In: Kado Muktamar ke-34 NU dan Masa Depan Umat. UIN Maliki Press, Malang, pp. 56-61. ISBN 9786232328051 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.


Indah, Rohmani Nur (2020) Kesalahan logis, hoaks & netizen +62. Presented at Webinar Kampus Desa Indonesia #seri 15, 16 Desember 2020, (Unpublished)

Indah, Rohmani Nur and Ambarwati, Wenyk and Syaifulloh, Burhanudin (2021) English and Indonesian types of warrants in claims of fact, value and policy. Paradigm: Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 4 (1). pp. 11-22. ISSN 2622-8653

Indah, Rohmani Nur and Andriani, Iik (2021) Positive and negative emotions on social media during stay at home phase. Presented at ICONETOS 2020 – the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Social Science, 31 October 2020, Malang.

Indah, Rohmani Nur and Toyyibah, Toyyibah and Budhiningrum, Ary Setya and Afifi, Nur (2022) The research competence, critical thinking skills and digital literacy of Indonesian EFL Students. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 13 (2). pp. 315-324. ISSN 1798-4769

Irfan, Irfan and Wahid, M. Alvin and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Constraints in phoneme learning of Hijaiyyah for Ghairu al-Natiq in Indonesian context. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.

Irfandina, Rosabila Hardi and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2022) Speech abnormality of the schizophrenic main character in fractured movie. Call: Journal of Critical Analysis on Language and Literature, 4 (1). pp. 60-72. ISSN 2723-2417

Irham, Irham (2022) Dilemma and tensions of Englishes in educational settings: What can English teachers do to advocate multilingual justice? British Educational Research Association.

Irham, Irham (2015) Pragmatic particles in Madurese: A corpus study of jâ’in oral narratives and conversations. Masters thesis, Radboud University Nijmegen.

Irham, Irham (2022) Wacana imigran dan pekerja asing di Indonesia: studi analisis wacana berbasis linguistik korpus. DIALEKTIKA: JURNAL BAHASA, SASTRA DAN BUDAYA, 9 (1). pp. 44-57. ISSN 2798-1371

Irham, Irham and Al Umami, Habiba (2021) Examining form and pattern of “ulama” in western media: A corpus-aided discourse analysis approach. In: Literacies, Culture, and Society towards Industrial Revolution 4.0: Reviewing Policies, Expanding Research, Enriching Practices in Asia. Language and Linguistics . Nova Science Publisher, New York, pp. 229-250. ISBN 978-1-53618-963-6 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.


Karimah, Dewi and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2022) Deixis inaccuary in the utterances of Wernicke’s aphasia sufferers on Youtube channels. Lexeme : Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 4 (2). pp. 183-191. ISSN 2656-7067


Laily, Alvita Hikmatul and Virdiana, Dwita Dora and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2018) Phonology acquisition through Hijaiyah learning for early age children. Presented at The 1st International Conference on Recent Innovations, 26-28 September 2018, Jakarta.


Maldini, Mochammad Yusril Ihza and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2020) Slip of the tongue and gender relation in advance debate community. Journal of Languages and Language Teaching (JOLLT), 8 (4). pp. 360-369. ISSN 2621-1378

Moraes, Antonio Henrique Coutelo de Moraes and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2022) “It's frustrating, but…”: Brazilian and Indonesian Teachers’ resilience to assist deaf students’ online language learning. OKARA: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra, 16 (1). pp. 19-36. ISSN 2442305X

Mu'thi, Nizar Indra and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Tongue twister rap: Bringing joy to EFL pronunciation class. English Language in Focus (ELIF), 4 (1). pp. 25-32. ISSN 2622-3597

Mulia, Arswenda Dini and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Broca aphasia language impairment in Sarah Scott’s Youtube channel. Jurnal Basis, 8 (2). pp. 239-250. ISSN 2527-8835

Munawwaroh, Lu'luul and Ishlahiyah, Mazroatul (2021) Compliment response strategies of female English learners: distinguishing from current online interaction. Presented at The International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Social Science (ICONETOS 2020), 31 Oct 2020, Malang.

Muniroh, Anik Lailatul and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Communication strategies of individual with down syndrome. Budapest International Research and Critics Institute-Journal (BIRCI-Journal), 4 (1). pp. 7-14. ISSN e-ISSN: 2615-3076 (Online), p-ISSN: 2615-1715 (Print)

Muzakki, Akhmad (2021) Rekonstruksi metode pembelajaran morfologi (`ilmu sharf) bagi mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Arab. Ijaz Arabi Journal of Arabic Learning, 4 (1). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2620-5912


Nafi'ah, Allyda Ulfa and Indah, Rohmani Nur and Toyyibah, Toyyibah (2021) English deixis in picture storybooks for children. Wanastra: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra, 13 (1). pp. 60-65. ISSN 2579-3438


Prastiwi, Nadira Dinda and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2020) Communication disorder of the autistic character in the “Fly Away” movie. Metathesis: Journal of Language, Literature, and Teaching, 4 (2). pp. 128-136. ISSN 2580-2720

Priyono, Eko Suci and Rofiq, Zainur (2021) Discourse markers of humor analysis in Trevor Noah’s stand-up comedy. Lingual: Journal of Language and Culture, 11 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN e-ISSN: 2716-3091


Ritonga, Apri Wardana and Wargadinata, Wildana and Ritonga, Mahyudin and Febriani, Suci Ramadhanti (2021) Teaching maharah kalam on the basis of culture using the textbook “aal-„Arabiyyah Baina Yadaik” at the middle school. Arabiyatuna : Jurnal Bahasa Arab, 5 (1). pp. 1-21. ISSN P-ISSN: 2580-5045, E-ISSN: 2580-5053


Saputri, Miftaqur Rochmah Ayu and Indah, Rohmani Nur and Rasyid, Fathor (2022) Debate, critical thinking disposition, and self-confidence: do they contribute to speaking proficiency? Premise: Journal of English Education and Applied Linguistics, 11 (1). pp. 189-207. ISSN 2442-482x

Sholihah, Nur Lailatus and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2020) Cultural contents in speaking materials and activities for tenth-graders. ANGLO-SAXON: Jurnal Ilmiah Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, 11 (2). pp. 300-309. ISSN 2598-9995

Sholikhah, Nanda Fitri Mar'athus and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Common lexical errors made by machine translation on cultural text. Edulingua: Jurnal Linguistiks Terapan dan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, 8 (1). pp. 39-50. ISSN 2549-2667

Siam, Binti Roifatus and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Think-pair-share for novice English readers: engaging seventh graders to explore narrative text. Seltics: Scope of English Language Teaching, Literature and Linguistics, 4 (2). pp. 71-81. ISSN 2655-5417

Suwandi, Suwandi and Nasrulloh, Nasrulloh (2012) ملخص القواعد الصرفية الكتاب المقرر لتنمية المهارة الصرفية. UIN -Maliki Press, Malang. ISBN 978-602-958-435-6 UNSPECIFIED : UNSPECIFIED.


Takhfif, Ahmad and Indah, Rohmani Nur and Rohmah, Galuh Nur (2021) Word formation of new terms in adobe photoshop program: implication for the teaching English vocabulary. Loquen: English Studies Journal, 14 (2). pp. 102-108. ISSN 2621-1998


Ulfa, Indah Maria and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2020) Semantic and morphological techniques of psychopaths in Dark Matter Youtube Channel. Call: Journal of Critical Analysis on Language and Literature, 2 (2). pp. 152-166. ISSN 2723-2417


Wargadinata, Wildana (2007) Dilema konsep sastra. Lingua, 2 (13). pp. 46-58. ISSN 2442-3823

Wargadinata, Wildana and Risalah, Lisa Khillatur and Elmi, Ulul and Maimunah, Iffat and Suo, Yan Mei (2021) Chomsky's transformational linguistic theory in writing skill at Islamic senior high school: Transforming language learning pedagogy. Izdihar : Journal of Arabic Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature, 4 (2). pp. 127-152. ISSN 2622-7371, 2622-738X

Wiranegara, Dian Arsitades (2019) The intended meaning of humor act in "The Born Loser". Presented at International Conference on Language Teaching and Culture, October 26, 2019, UIN Malang.


Yurisa, Penny Respati (2015) العلاقة بين اللغة والثقافة وأهميتها في تعليم اللغة العربية. 000147465.


Zahro, Fatimatuz and Irham, Irham and Degaf, Agwin (2021) Scrutinizing metadiscourse functions in Indonesian EFL students: a case study on the classroom written and spoken discourses. MEXTESOL, 45 (2). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2395-9908

Zulaihah, Siti and Indah, Rohmani Nur (2021) Slip of the tongue in Barack Obama interview at The Axe File. PROJECT (Professional Journal of English Education), 4 (2). pp. 250-260. ISSN 2614-6258

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